The Prospect Of Nonwoven Fabric

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Non-woven fabric in the future non-woven bag industry in this environment, has won a broad opportunity for development. It has responded positively to the national sustainable development policy, to give full play to its own technology and market advantages, to promote the environmental protection concept in practice and to make its own contribution to the realization of environmental protection Society.

has been constantly strengthening its production and operation of Non-woven bags in the process of standardization, scientific and institutionalized construction, pay close attention to the relationship between social development and environment. Its production of non-woven bags using renewable materials, degradable materials, recyclable materials, in action to actively guide the public to establish the concept of environmentally friendly shopping. Many people have said that the Low-carbon lifestyle will be actively practiced in daily life and the Low-carbon life will be carried out in the end.

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