Printing Method Of Non-woven Bag

- Aug 14, 2017 -

1, water printing using water-based mortar as a printing medium and the name, in the textile printing is more common, also clip printing. When printing, the color paste and water-based elastic glue are reconciled. Wash version without chemical solvents, can be value of water cleaning. It is characterized by good tinting strength, strong covering and fastness, washable, basically no odor.

2, screen printing is what people often say "screen printing", this is the most common kind of non-woven bag printing method, many manufacturers use this printing method. is generally artificial printing, the advantage is: The price is relatively cheap; the disadvantage is: the color is not good control, printed out of the pattern is uneven.

3, heat transfer printing in the printing and special printing! The method needs intermediate medium, that is, the graphic printing to the heat transfer film or heat transfer paper, and then through the transfer equipment heating to transfer the pattern to Non-woven fabric. The medium used in textile printing is the Heat transfer film. Its advantages are: beautifully printed, rich in design, comparable to photos. Suitable for small area color image printing. The disadvantage is that the price is high and the printing cost is higher.

4, Gravure printing This method is usually called the laminating non-woven bag. This process is divided into two steps, that is, the traditional gravure printing will be printed on the film, and then the laminating process will be printed with patterned film composite on Non-woven fabric. The general large-area color pattern of Non-woven bags are used in this printing method. It is characterized by exquisite printing, the whole process of machine printing, printing cycle short.

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