Hard Material Non-woven Fabric And Software Non-woven Fabric

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Non-woven fabric can have many kinds of fabrics, there are new materials, there are common materials, have peritoneal materials and so on. From the feel of speaking, in fact, is the difference between the soft and hard, the Wenzhou Maidian to compare the hard material and soft material good or bad.

In the case of Wenzhou local Non-woven fabric, the market hard materials more, in fact, cloth to do soft or obstinately in the process of production through the control of temperature to achieve. High temperature production of the material is relatively soft, the opposite will be more hard.

Soft material feel is very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness, tensile strength, not easy to tear, but the cloth after soft feel will be significantly thinner. After the cloth is made hard, the same weight of the cloth feel to be more thick, many unscrupulous manufacturers use this to Jerry-building. As the Non-woven fabric is also produced by the plastic granules, if too hard the tensile force is obviously not, very easy to break the situation.

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