Why Choose Non-woven Bag

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Sewing Non-woven Bag is a dry non-woven fabric, sewing method is the use of warp knitting coil structure on the fiber network, yarn layer, non-woven material, in order to make non-woven fabric. Common Non-woven raw materials for polypropylene non-woven bag or polyethylene glycol ester environmental protection and ordinary plastic shopping bags, can not be completely degraded. From the specific cost-effective, the same conditions under the from bag strength is not as plastic bags, and not waterproof, the price is higher than plastic bags several times. Needle-punched Non-woven bag: is a dry non-woven fabric, needle-punched non-woven cloth is the use of needle puncture, the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth. In particular, pp with plastic shopping bags with PE, all belong to the five general plastic varieties, belong to 50 years can not be degradable plastic varieties.

Non-woven bag production costs mainly include two departments, one is the cost of raw materials, the second is the processing cost of cloth bags. At present, in the city road situation can buy Non-woven fabric its specifications are very many, and the cost is not the same. Spunlace Non-woven Bag: Is the high-pressure micro-flow sprayed into a layer or multi-layer fiber network, so that the fiber intertwined with each other, so that the fiber network to strengthen and have a certain strength.

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