How To Improve The Non-woven Printing Stamping Process

- Aug 14, 2017 -

From the bronzing of the basic process can be seen, bronzing 3 basic elements are: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.

To obtain the ideal short-run effect, hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure, hot stamping speed and other technological parameters must be a reasonable grasp;

In addition, and bronzing related to the quality of raw materials must also be guaranteed, such as: The printability of the substrate, anodized material performance and hot stamping plate quality and so on. If a link out of the problem, will affect the final short-run effect.

Select the appropriate substrate. Can bronzing a lot of substrate, is usually paper, such as: coated paper, white paperboard, cardboard, Bu, uncoated and so on. But not all the paper bronzing effect is ideal, if the surface roughness, paper loose paper, such as for books and periodicals, poor uncoated paper, and so on, because the anodized layer can not be very well attached to its surface, unique metallic luster can not be very good embodiment, and even hot stamping, therefore, bronzing substrate should be selected texture, smoothness, high surface strength of the paper, so as to obtain a good short-run effect, the unique anodized luster fully reflected.

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