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What should we do in the face of the embarrassing situation of non-woven bags that are not environmentally friendly?

- Apr 01, 2018 -

With the proliferation of non-woven bags in people's lives, non-woven bags do not "environmentally friendly" sounds gradually become larger, as the "plastic limit" after the main reusable shopping bag supplies, non-woven bag status It's a bit embarrassing. In fact, non-woven bags are made of a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials made of non-woven fabrics, which are very environmentally friendly and durable. However, as an advertising carrier, non-woven bags have a very good publicity effect on manufacturers, making more and more companies choose to print ads on non-woven bags as gifts to customers, resulting in non-woven fabrics in the home. More and more bags, the emphasis on non-woven bags is reduced, with one throw one, which is the reason that causes non-woven bags to be environmentally friendly.

Many people don't like it or don't use non-woven bags. They will certainly throw away, and even more serious environmental problems will come with "throwing." In fact, "green bags are not environmentally friendly" is just an improper reality and it is not inevitable. We know that from the perspective of origin, the real environmental protection significance of environmental protection bags is that they are used for a long time and repeatedly. The longer the time spent on an environmental protection bag and the more times it is used, the more its “environmental protection” value is embodied. The more full. If the number of eco-bags is so large that people use only one bag per bag and run out, then their so-called “environmental protection” value cannot be reflected or even become negative.

So, how should we solve the embarrassing position of non-woven bags?

First, choose the quality of non-woven bags: When many people use non-woven bags as a daily shopping bag, found that non-woven bags, the service life is very short, easy to break and tear, poor waterproof performance , In this reminded the use of non-woven bags as a promotional gift business, do not covet small cheap, choose a strong production technology, well-equipped bag manufacturers, extend the life of non-woven bags, only in the number of uses is far greater than Plastic bags can reflect the value of environmental protection. This is one of the hard conditions for non-woven bags as eco bags.

Second, to enhance the habit of carrying non-woven bags, although the number of non-woven bags at home is more and more, but many people always forget to carry them out. In fact, it is recommended that you can organize the non-woven bags and place them in the conspicuous place at the entrance. You can easily take it out when you leave the house. It is not easy to forget that you can increase the number of non-woven bags and protect the environment. 

Third, rational use of non-woven handbags as promotional gifts. Non-woven handbags are very effective for corporate publicity, making many manufacturers choose non-woven bags when they choose gift packaging, they are beautiful in appearance, use more times, have better advertising effectiveness, and can also be a "green enterprise". The good name. However, non-woven bag as a gift package is gradually flooding, leading everyone to pay no attention to it, reducing the number of non-woven bags used in the selection of non-woven bags as a promotional gift, please try to choose excellent quality, printing Exquisite, medium sized non-woven bag products, thereby increasing the number of non-woven bags used to achieve the ultimate goal of environmental protection.