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The multiple use of plastic vest bags to promote the use of life accumulated.

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Today, as a manufacturer of plastic bags, in order to save the use of plastic bags many times, we now share some of our daily life experiences. How do you deal with the plastic bags that you usually use when shopping for fashion items? Storing Garbage, or ... In fact, there are many magical effects. Let's take a look at the many magical ways described below.

1, hot summer, white vest to wear a long time to wash is not clean. The white vest to be washed can be washed with water first, and then gently rubbed with soap or detergent. After cleaning, put on a soap or detergent and gently squeak, no longer rinse, put in plastic bags, and tie a good mouth, in the sun for 1 hour. Then remove it and wash it to make it white.


2. Non-toxic plastic bags can be used to store cabbage in winter. When the room temperature is too low, use a plastic bag to cover the whole cabbage and tie it on the bag mouth; if the temperature is above 0 °C, use a plastic bag to cover the cabbage from the top, do not Zhakou, the roots down on the ground that is can.

3, plastic bags store chestnut. Chestnut is packed in plastic bags and placed in a well-ventilated, stable-temperature basement. When the temperature is above 10°C, the plastic bag must be opened; when the temperature is below 10°C, the plastic bag should be tightly stored. In the initial period, it is flipped every 7 to 10 days. After 1 month, the number of turnings can be appropriately reduced.

4. Use a plastic bag to ripen ripe bananas. About 5 kg of bananas can be placed in a plastic bag, and then put into a bowl or tea cup, which contains dry sand or dust, with 10 fine scented, broken in half, inserted into the containers in Shengsha, and ligated tightly. 

5. The rice is packed into a composite plastic food bag, and the air in the bag is squeezed out. When the rice is tightly attached to the bag, it is tied tightly with a string to prevent the rice from mildew.

6, plastic bags store sea cucumbers. The dried sea cucumbers are dried thoroughly, packed in double-layer non-toxic plastic bags, tied tightly in bags, hung in ventilated and dry places, and exposed to sunlight several times in the summer, so that the preserved sea cucumbers will not degenerate for a long time.

7, the end of spring, the red dates exposed to a few days, the salt sizzling and let cool, a layer of jujube a layer of salt into a plastic bag or cylinder, sealed and stored, jujube will be safe summer.

8, before and after the winter solstice, drying radish, dried radish to dry skin after the epidermis, into a plastic bag, tied with a rope bag, so that storage for two months, radish is not bad.

9, fresh parsley tied into a bundle, wrapped in a layer of paper, insert the root into a plastic bag, a little banding, and then the root down, placed in a cool place. In this way, the parsley was preserved and still fresh as early as 1 week.

10, fresh leeks into a plastic bag, placed in a cool ventilated place, within 3 days to keep fresh. The multiple use of plastic vest bags to promote the use of life accumulated.