Aluminum Foil Food Bag with Zipper

Aluminum Foil Food Bag with Zipper

MOQ: 10000 Pieces 

Material: Aluminum Foil

Supply Ability: 300000 Piece/Pieces Per Day

Port: Dalian Or According To Customers’ Need

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Aluminum Foil Food Bag With Zipper








Aluminum Foil

Place Of Origin

Liaoning, China


1. Be high puncture resistance and high isolation effective.

2. First-class barrier property against moisture, oxygen, light and puncturing.

3. Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non-leakage.

4. Environment friendly material.

5. Competitive price, large quantity discount.


Aluminum is a very active metal. After long-term exposure to the natural environment, it is prone to oxidated, so it should avoid dampness when storing aluminum foil. Finished double 0 aluminum foil is very soft and elastic deformation is easy to occur to it. A slight collision or stroke and pressure will make aluminum foil deformed. Serious impact, scratches or pressure may cause the performance degradation of aluminum foil, so it should be placed on the soft horizontal table. Aluminum foil box can't be inverted or tilted. It can only be horizontally lifted and can't be tilted or vertically moved. Beware of die deformation during the transportation and use of aluminum foil.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal grating plant in the Earth's crust, which was discovered early in the 18th century and is one of the most widely used metals in nonferrous metals. Melting aluminum or liquid electrolytic aluminum after melting of remelting aluminum ingot is adjusted by composition, the aluminum foil made of refining, casting-hot rolling or casting, cold rolling, annealing, foil rolling, slitting and finished annealing has the following characteristics: small proportion, large surface ratio, low use cost and high conductivity; Good thermal conductivity, good air tightness, high intensity ratio; The laminated aluminum foil has a beautiful two silver-white surface, one side has the very high light reflectivity, the other side is opposite, has the downy Matt.

We have a production process for Aluminum Foil Food Bag With Zipper.

On the imported equipment, there is a heating roller, to be printed base material after the roll, so that the substrate can be heated to 50 ℃, and then into the first color printing unit. Substrate temperature is beneficial to the improvement of adhesion of printing inks and drying. After the ink, ink into the dryer, dryer temperature arrangement in a low-high-low form set, easy to quickly dry. Can not be printed immediately into a high degree of drying, this organ ink layer surface easy to form a layer of film, to prevent the volatile solvent inside drying, the result of dry not enough print, stacking easy to reverse sticky.

The different tension control of the printed substrate is different. For Bopp film, the tension control of the width of each meter is set in 5-8kgf better, that is: 49-78.4N. If less than 1 meter wide, then multiply its width with the 1m ratio can be, such as 0.7m, then the tension by 0.7. When printing has been moisture-absorbing nylon film is, will occur ink adhesion and printing edge to overflow ink, at this time, the first color dryer can be opened, and then the first color plate roll in the second color position, colored after moving a unit. The first color is a nylon film drying position, drying temperature can be set at 80-90 ℃. 

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