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Middle-aged And Old People Used To Shopping With Non-woven Bags

- Apr 26, 2018 -

In large supermarkets middle-aged and elderly people for shopping bags and use reusable cloth bags, non-woven bags; At the farmers ' market, the basket and the grocery cart reappear, while young people like to use eco-friendly bags printed with green words.

  "Plastic Restriction order" is to let the general public or passively or actively change their living habits. The survey found that some supermarkets, some of the elderly with cotton bags or non-woven bags shopping, and many young people are accustomed to buying supermarket shopping bags. The checkout clerk Xiao Zhang said: "The elderly people's lives are more meticulous, do not like waste." 2 cents of medium shopping bags and 3 cents of large shopping bags to some extent affect the shopping habits of middle-aged and older people, they prefer to bring their own bags.

  ” In the "Plastic limit order" before the promulgation of the supermarket's hand-torn bag is taken at random. And now almost all of the supermarket hand torn bags are supervised by someone, buy fruits and vegetables customers need to pick up the hand-torn bag. "Plastic limit Order" just started when the supermarket hand tore bag used to increase the volume, many customers use hand-torn bags as shopping bags. But the supermarket implements the hand to tear the bag to collect the system, the people's shopping habit has changed. "Don't underestimate the shopping bag of a few cents, it really changes the way of life of the people."